1. Preface, 1st Day 5. 5th Day (Bus Tour)
2. 2nd Day (Bus Tour) 6. 6th Day (Free Plan)
3. 3rd Day (Bus Tour) 7. 7th Day (Free Plan)
4. 4th Day (Free Plan) 8. A la Carte
Chapter 1
Section 1 Preface
I came up to 77 years old this May. This age is celebrated as the Joyful Age (喜寿) in Japan, since "77" in kanji letter is similar to "喜" (joy).
Due to the age or not, I feel reluctant to make a trip itself nowadays, not to mention traveling abroad.
In this circumstance, several places I have still missed the chance to visit come out to my mind. The most regret is Kyoto City.
It might have been the destination on an excursion of junior high school in my hometown, and later I might have stood on the stage of Kiyomizu-dera Temple's Main Hall when encountered with its classmates ten-odd years ago. Unreliable memory.

In any case, Kyoto is an ancient city with history since Heian period (794-1185) and a core of the traditional culture still alive on the elegant side of the modern life style.
I am now, with a certain consciousness, going to experience the ancient capital full of such culture. I would like not only to visit the famous temples and shrines but also to see the state of the traditional Japan covered by the Imperial Family and the samurai society in the background.

Why is it I haven't felt like visiting this place until now? ...... Stop such a detailed examination, shall we? No doubt Kyoto is my treasure remaining long for now.

Thinking that way, I traveled to Kyoto for 3 days 3 months ago late March in an attempt to take a rough look with shame and great expectation.
I was right! I got an impression of a peculiar atmosphere there where I could enjoy both the ancient capital and the modern society at the same time, as well as the highlight spots.

When I told a friend about the outline of my above recent trip, he recommended the following low-price tour of JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) a couple of days later, saying "Why don't you make use of this all-free tour next time?"

Free Relaxed Plan of One Week in Kyoto
Round-trip by Shinkansen "Nozomi"
and Stay in Kyoto Royal Hotel

I have no memory of the domestic travel spending more than a week except for "The Utmost Capes and Railway Stations for 11 Days, May 2011". Moreover, my present mind is rather passive, so I wonder if this trip will give me a valuable experience.
Contrary to Emiko's unusually ready consent, I applied for it half in uneasiness.

However this time is for us the second trip to the ancient capital under a deep impression 3 months ago even only for 3-day stay.
The total pictures during the two trips there will amount to a lot and surely be precious evidences, though their arrangement would be a hard work.

- - - - -

The round trip is by the quickest Shinkansen "Nozomi". We are lucky.
Besides, this all-free tour sponsored by JTB gives us a whole-week stay at Kyoto Royal Hotel in the center of Kyoto City and, during the days through all time is free on our own expense.

Our most travels until now were by joining in sightseeing tours leaving everything to travel agencies.
So this time, worried about doing nothing and waisting time, I made several reservations for the local bus tour beforehand, and decided to follow the guidebook for the other days.

Nowadays in the rainy season, the weather was expected to be unstable, but actually it rained hard only on the 6th day, June 30, and even in a short time. We were lucky!

The following table is the outline of the 7-day trip.

One Week in Ancient Kyoto, 2017
(June 25-July 1)

June 25
Lv. Tokyo Station 12:00 (Nozomi 227)
Ar. Kyoto Station 14:17
Stay: Kyoto Royal Hotel (through July 1)
June 26
Bus Tour:
"Morning Tour around Kyoto"
Lv. 9:50, 3 hours
Sanjusangen-do Temple, Fushimi-Inari Shrine
"Afternoon Tour around Kyoto"
Lv. 13:30, 3 hours
Ryoanji Temple, Nijo Castle
June 27
Bus Tour:
"Fucha Dish at Manpukuji Temple, Byodoin Temple and Daigoji Temple"
Lv. 9:40, 7 hours
Mimurotoji Temple, Manpukuji Temple, Byodoin Temple, Daigoji Temple, Kajuji Temple
June 28
Free Plan:
Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple, Chionin Temple
June 29
Bus Tour:
"One day around Kyoto"
Lv. 10:00, 7 hours
Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Walking around Arashiyama Area, Tenryuji Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, To-ji Temple
June 30
Free Plan:
Ginkakuji Temple, Honenin Temple, Heian Shrine
July 1
Free Plan:
in the morning: Honnoji Temple, Rokkaku-do Temple
in the afternoon: Nish-Honganji Temple, Higashi-Honganji Temple
Lv. Kyoto Station 15:26 (Nozomi 234)
Ar. Tokyo Station 17:43

Section 2 First Day (Sunday, June 25)

We left home at 10:00 am. It was hot and humid, and slightly cloudy here in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture. So for myself, wearing a short sleeve shirt and short pants, with a pouch and a rucksack, pulling a carry bag. Emiko with only a rucksack.

The Shinkansen "Nozomi 227" started from Tokyo Station at noon and arrived at Kyoto Station at 14:17 as scheduled. We had already taken a box lunch in the train bought at Daimaru Department at Tokyo Station.
Under the direction of the pamphlet of the travel agency JTB, we took a subway from Kyoto Station, changed to another at Karasuma-Oike and got off at Kyoto City Hall. No trouble at all.

Kyoto Royal Hotel is located in Nakagyo Ward of Kyoto City, 5-minute walk from the A-1 exit. Honnoji Temple is across the street and Kamogawa River is near.

The hotel's official name is "Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa". So taking it literally, we expected a large hot spring bath there, but not. Spa meant "beauty salon treatment". Actually no large public bath, not to mention no hot spring. We had to take a shower set up in the room all through until the last day.

We decided to walk around and then to have dinner out, so left the hotel a little after 17:00.
I knew Shin-Kyogoku, a bustling district, was near, but we took another busy road for a while toward Kamogawa River.

The dinner was at a Japanese-style bar "Uotami", a chain familiar to me.
I had a banshaku with fresh seafood cuisine as a side dish, while Emiko had a usual dinner of gohan and miso soup with seafood.

When we got back to the room, I was already drunk. Not watching TV, I went to bed right away and fell into sleep listening to a recorded radio program.
Woke up for toilet and saw Emiko was still enjoying TV.
Trying to look good saying "Why don't you quit TV because tomorrow is an early start," I fell into a deep sleep this time.

Chapter 1 Reading: 10' 11"
In case the above is something wrong,
Chapter 1 Reading: 10' 11"
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1. Preface, 1st Day 5. 5th Day (Bus Tour)
2. 2nd Day (Bus Tour) 6. 6th Day (Free Plan)
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2nd Day, June 26
Sanjusangen-do Temple
Fushimi-Inari Shrine
Ryoanji Temple
Nijo Castle
3rd Day, June 27
Mimurotoji Temple
Manpukuji Temple
Byodoin Temple
Daigoji Temple
Kajuji Temple
4th Day, June28
Yasaka Shrine
Kodaiji Temple
Chionin Temple
5th Day, June 29
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Togetsu-kyo Bridge
Tenryuji Temple
Kinkakuji Temple
To-ji Temple
6th Day, June 30
Ginkakuji Temple
Heian Shrine
Honenin Temple
7th Day, July 1
Honnoji Temple
Rokkaku-do Temple
Nishi-Honganji Temple
Higashi-Hongamji Temple
Chapter 1 Reading: 10' 11"
In case the above is something wrong,
Chapter 1 Reading: 10' 11"
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1. Preface, 1st Day 5. 5th Day (Bus Tour)
2. 2nd Day (Bus Tour) 6. 6th Day (Free Plan)
3. 3rd Day (Bus Tour) 7. 7th Day (Free Plan)
4. 4th Day (Free Plan) 8. A la Carte
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