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This is the introduction of Nanki-Kumano,
my home country on the southeast in Japan.
This area is in the World Heritage sites,
which UNESCO designated as
"Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes
in the Kii Mountain Range," in 2004.

I hope the following information of my own will help
overseas people get to know
about some traditional Japanese culture,
and visit such local areas with my home country
more and more in the future.

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Map of Japan
Kii Mountain Range and Nanki-Kumano
in the red circle
Nanki-Kumano District
Southern Part of Kii Peninsula
Guide to Nanki-Kumano, as of August 2004
Access to Nanki-Kumano, Season, Taste.
Scenic Spots:
Shirahama, Kushimoto, Shiono-Misaki, Doro Gorge,
Hongu Grand Shrine, Taiji, Nachi-Katsuura, Shingu
Kumano Ancient Pilgrimage Routes (Kumano-Kodo)
Kumano-Kodo Roads, Ninety-nine Tiny Shrines,
Ohyunohara Plains, Ogri and Princess Terute,
Nose-Kacked Deity, Pope Kazan, Shingu Castle, Tomb of Jofuku
Walking along Kumano-Kodo, as of August 2007
Nara Park, Mount Koya, Nakahechi Ancient Road,
Hongu Grand Shrine, Daimon Slope, Nachi Falls,
Nachi Grand Shrine, Seigantoji Temple, Koyanozaka Slope,
Futami Bay, Meotoiwa Rock, Ise Grand Shrine
Traveling around Nanki-Kumano, as of May 2009
Hongu Grand shrine, Hayatama Grand Shrine,
Nachi Falls, Nachi Grand Shrine, Seigantoji Temple,
Miwasaki Town, Taiji Whale Hall, Nachi-Katsuura,
Kushimoto Submarine Park, Hotel Urashima
Mount Koya, Himeji Castle & Awaji Flower Expo
April 2015
Mount Koya: "1200-year anniversary of Mount Koya's founding" at Danjo-Garan
Himeji Castle: Outside and Inside Views of the Brand-New White Castle
Awaji Flower Expo: Tulip Festival at Awaji City
Miwasaki, My Hometown
A coastal town in Shingu City,
located in the southeast of Wakayama Pref.,
the prefectural border with Mie,
facing Kumanonada Sea of the Pacific Ocean.
Miwasaki Town
Seashore, Obsevatory, Hachiman Shrine,
Suzushima and Kushima Islands, Kuroshio Park,
Sano Pine Grove, Days I was a Boy,
Four Seasons, How to Get to Miwasaki
Sand Beach of Miwasaki
1. Visit to Sand Beach in 1991
2. In my Childhood
3. Memories in Spring
Koyanozaka Slope
One of the Kumano Ancient Roads,
among the UNESCO World Heritage
"Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range"
Miwasaki, in the Poems of Old Days
Introduction of Miwasaki and Sano Towns
in Manyoshu, the Oldest Anthology of Poems of Japan.
(8 waka, Japanese Poems, and Comparison of the 2 Poems)
Miwasaki, the Present and the Past
Pictures during the town festival in 2014
and many monocrome even before a cencury.
Sent by Mr. Hayama, a staff of Shingu City Office.
Scenic Spots in Miwasaki
Koyazaka Slope, Sand Beach & 2 Small Islands,
Village Festival & Whale Dance,
Miwasaki and Sano in Manyoshu
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