10. So Long "Sayonara"

Well, strange?
My stomoch is swallen without my noticing it. Something as large as a small apricot is sticking out in a dark-red color. It has become larger and larger day by day.

Oka-san noticed it and took me to the doctor.
To me, the doctor's voice is not satisfactory.
"This is the sign Pea-chan is going to finish his life. I may have an operation."
He talked so heartlessly. Tears fell down from Oka-san's eyes. I was convinced, thinking it's true.

Lately my stomach has been too heavy. It has been difficult for me to get out of the cage and fly up to the stereo set.
Worse than that, I cannot fly from the floor up on my birdcage as high as 50cm, not to mention, I cannot fly up on the table.
As I cannot get out of the cage by myself, Oto-san helps me with his hand.

Now, I cannot go up on the perch in the cage. Even if I manage to do so, I cannot keep balance and fall down immediately. Therefore nowadays regrettably, my bed is down on the wire mesh.
The wire mesh is uncomfortable to sleep.

I got down from the perch to the crosspiece of the exit window and controlled my breathing.
I flew up su-i to the stereo amplifier on the shelf.
Finally I went hyoi on the picture "The Sea and the Yachts".
Oto-san looked up at me and cheered with his face being all smiles.
"You flew well, Pea-chan. Pea-chan is great!"

Several days have passed.
I feel terribly cold today. Though it is in November, this cold, I feel, is not because of the season.

Oto-san came home at night as usual.
He is relaxed at the dinner table. Oka-san talks to Oto-san.
"Pea-chan wants to get out."
She is probably thinking that he is tired from work and let him play with me.
Maybe feeling suspicious about my situation, Oto-san holds me with his hand, lets me get out from my cage, and says, .
"Pea-chan has gotten fuzzy. He looks suffocated. I think it's better to put him back into the cage."

Sorry to say, I truly don't feel pleased. I cannot move even a step. I am desperately exhausted.

Oka-san talks to me.
"What's wrong with you?"
Oto-san says.
"Pea-chan's feathers are swelling up. His eyes are blank. He looks tired out. I am sorry for you, Pea-chan."
He let me enter my birdcage with an apology.
I realized the time might have come.

I was brought here just after my birth. Yoshiko-san (elder daughter) took care of me with liquid food.
My left foot disappeared in the pan frying the oysters.
My right foot is paralyzed since it was crushed under the chair.
When I was washed in the sink, my breath almost stopped.
After flying in the sky, I got lost.
I could live a happy life with Paco-chan.
Oto-san smiled every time he saw me.
Oka-san got over her bad mood immediately. "Pea-chan is a bond between us." This whisper is her favorite phrase.

I want to speak loudly the human words that Oto-san and Oka-san taught me. Sorry to say, I have almost lost my voice.
"Pea-chan, ohayo." (Good morning.)
"Pea-chan, itte-kima-su." (I am going.)
"Pea-chan, tadaima. Iiko-dayo. Daisuki." (I came back. I am a good boy. I like you.)
"Paco-chan, daisuki-dayo." (I love you, Paco-chan.)
"Oto-san, daisuki" (I like Oto-san very much.)
"Oka-san, daisuki" (I like Oka-san very much.)

I lived a good bird's life. I don't think there is anything else more desirable than the life I lived. My bird's life is peacefully going to an end.

Not only Oka-san but also Oto-san will surely weep. Oto-san will shed a lot of tears. He will weep much more than Oka-san.
It is a sad thing for me. But I will be the happiest, because I must weep the same way like Oto-san if I were in his shoes.
Therefore, I just say tonight.
"Pea-chan itte-kima-su. Oto-san, Oka-san, Sayonara....." (I am going. Oto-san and Oka-san, so long for now.....)

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