3. Right Foot

Hot! Too hot! Thirsty!
I have been drinking water much more than usual. It is even I prefer to drink cold beer than lukewarm water prepared in the built-in cup.

Oto-san and I understand each other. He lets me go out from the cage tonight, too.
When Oka-san is not looking, he lets me drink beer from the glass.
Oto-san says, "Drink it, Pea-chan. It is cold."
I say, "Oishii!" (Oh, delicious!)
Oto-san lets me drink again and again.

Oto-san is sitting on the chair, watching a baseball game on TV, while I begin to walk under the table.
Oto-san is in a good mood because the Yakult Swallows is on the offensive against the Yomiuri Giants. He is anti-Giants.
He is cheering on the Swallows, gulping down glasses of beer and eating dried kawahagi (filefish) with his fingers.
I like Oto-san doing so, though I am not a Swallows fan nor am I anti-Giants.

I am staggering under the table near the pillars of Oto-san's chair because of my injured left foot, and also I am getting drunk.
"Yochi yochi yochi, ....., yochi yochi yochi, ....."

Oto-san is wild with excitement while he is watching TV.
"OK! Go for it!"
Chopped dried kawahagi fall down to the floor together with bubbles of beer.
As Oto-san usually wants to look decent, he pretends to be exact in public. But his true nature is like this.
Therefore I can eat delicious kawahagi as slowly as I like.

Moderately-large chopped kawahagi are well scattered around me and especially near the pillars of Oto-san's chair.
"Yochi yochi yochi, ....., yochi yochi yochi, ....."

"Ishii, you are super! One more strike-out, please!"
Oto-san is cheering, and I am cheering for Oto-san under the table, too.
"Oto-san daisuki." (I like you very much, Oto-san).
Then, Oto-san shouts.
"Get Kiyohara out into a double play!"
Cheering for a moment, excitedly Oto-san seems to lift the chair up behind him.

One pillar of the chair caught my right foot.
I cried and fell into the darkness......

I may be in a hospital. Ouch! and I fell into the darkness again.
A doctor seems to be talking to Oka-san.
"It will be bad if Pea-chan is alive in this situation. His left foot is only an ankle, and this time his right foot does not work at all."
Oka-san: "......"
Doctor: "I give a shot of painkiller and apply some ointment. But Pea-chan must be tough to live through this condition."
Oka-san: "......"
Doctor: "I can end him if you please....."
Before the doctor finished his talking, Oka-san said in a hoarse voice.
"Wait, please!"

Her voice is shaking. But for me, I would rather like to get easy as a doctor advises.
More than that, I am truly getting easy.

How many days have passed since I went to the doctor?
Oto-san and Oka-san are looking at me lying on the wire mesh under the perch in the birdcage. Oto-san has a sorry face. Oka-san's eyes are sad.

Oto-san: "Look! Pea-chan's eyes opened."
Oka-san: "True!"
Oto-san: "Great! .....but, how is he going to live?"
Oka-san: "True, ....."

I feel helpless, too. I am really sorry for both feet.
I can never settle on the perch again. Oto-san and Oka-san must be thinking so, too.
It is probably so, but too early to give up. It is not too late even when I understand there is no way.
All the fingers of both feet are useless. But the ankle of the left foot is OK. The right foot may be better someday.

Several days have passed.
I began the exercise to settle on the perch lightly.
First of all, training to fly up. I have come to adjust my wings and my body.
Next, balancing on the perch. Fall down and fly up. Fly up and fall down. ----- again, again, again,.....and again.

I managed to master the way to grab the perch with the ankle of my left foot, because one nail like a thumb had grown back before I knew it.

The right foot is useless. But it may be a good idea to try to balance it on the perch.
Two feet are inevitable to stand on the perch.

I spent everyday exercising. Fly up, grab the perch with the left ankle and balance the right foot, .....
I repeated over and over everyday.

It has been worthwhile continuing exercise like "Persistence will pay off.".
I have barely come to manage the perch.
Oto-san and Oka-san talk to each other.
"Pea-chan is great!"
I am glad! They are surprised and praising me.

I often fall down from the perch at night. Each time I fall down, I fly up on the perch again.
The perch is well fit to me, because it is my bed.

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