6. Bathing

Even in the morning, it is very hot. The sun is beating down on us. How many such days have passed like this? Today is especially hard.

It seems several homes in the six buildings of this 12-story condominium have begun to install air conditioning since last year, but our home has not yet.
Our home, facing the south on the 11th floor, is usually well ventilated if only the windows are open during the whole summer. In fact, the couple does not have any plan to have air conditioning even in the living room.
Therefore, it has to be no problem this morning, too, because the windows are open as usual. However, the heat is now too much without any slight wind. No fresh breeze comes here.

As it is Sunday, Oto-san is relaxed even in this situation. He talks to me in his usual lively voice.
"Good morning, Pea-chan."
I answer.
"Oto-san ohayo. Oto-san daisuki." (Good morning, Oto-san. I like Oto-san very much.)

He wears only underpants and puts tenugui (a washcloth) on his shoulder. A few minutes ago he was taking a shower.
He says.
"It's hot, Pea-chan. You have so many feathers on your body, so I believe you are like in a steam bath. You are patient, aren't you?"
I just say.
"Pea-chan daisuki! Iikodayo." (I am Pea-chan. I am a good boy.)
Oto-san says to Oka-san.
"Pea-chan is having a hard time. Don't you think so?"
Oka-san replies.
"I suppose Pea-chan may want to take a shower as you did. But, sorry to say, he has to be patient with the water cup in the cage."
I say.
"Oka-san daisuki." (I like Oka-san very much.)

After a while, Oto-san talks to Oka-san again.
"You see, even a dog with short hairs is tired out. On the contrary, Pea-chan is in big trouble with a lot of feathers.
Oka-san talks to me in the cage.
"I am very sorry, Pea-chan. You are confined in the cage on such a hot day. But, if I let you go out, you may fly away and get lost just like before. And yet, we cannot close the window for you to fly in the room in such heat"
I understand what Oka-san is talking about. I just say.
"Pea-chan iiko-dayo." (I am a good boy).

Oto-san asks Oka-san.
"Shall we let Pea-chan bathe in the sink?"
Oka-san rejects it right away.
"Let's not. He is in trouble all right, but does not want to die."
I am only saying to myself.
"Pea-chan iiko-dayo." (I am a good boy).
Oto-san does not yield to Oka-san and says.
"You may not know how he feels. Don't you think it's OK for just a little bit of bathing? He himself is eager to bathe, see Pea-chan?"
Oka-san does not change her mind, saying.
"It is good enough to bathe in the water cup in the cage. See, he is sometimes bathing pacha pacha in the cup."
Oto-san still does not seem to yield and says,
"But, look at this heat. The cup in the cage is too narrow and it is lukewarm. Poor Pea-chan. He will surely be glad with water from the tap. Just a little bit as usual. Agree?"
I am continuing to talk to myself.
"Oto-san daisuki. Pea-chan iikodayo." (I like Oto-san very much. I am a good boy.)
Oto-san does not stop saying to Oka-san.
"You see! Pea-chan is urging us to do it."
Oka-san finally gives in.
"Well, if you insist that much. Just for a little while, please."
Oto-san agrees smilingly and says,
"Let's take a bath, Pea-chan. Aren't you happy?"

After closing the window of the room and switching on the electric light in the bathroom, Oto-san lets me go out of the cage.

Noticing it, I fly easily to the bathroom and get down on the water faucet like a parachute.
Oto-san adjusts the faucet for the water to flow gradually little by little.
Now, I get on the forefinger of his right hand hyoito.
The forefinger approaches to the running water slowly.
Then there I enjoy bathing, opening my wings and letting my head forward and backward to the dropping water.

This is just what Oto-san and Oka-san do for me as usual. I feel happy every time.

It is going to be different this time.
After repeating the same thing several times, Oto-san talks to himself.
"Pea-chan still seems to feel hot. Poor boy. I can help you bathe a little more cleanly. You will feel better and more refreshed."
I don't understand what he is going to do for me. But I expect something good.

Oto-san holds me in his left hand and spreads each of my wings alternately by his right hand.
He adjusts the water to flow a little stronger and drops it on my wings directly. Also, he puts my head under the faucet in order to drop the running water right on it.
Oka-san comes and shouts.
"What ever are you doing!"
"Because......", Oto-san is going to make a lame excuse.

For myself, I am having a hard time.
As Oto-san holds me tight, I cannot shake my wings buru burutto. Therefore the running water hits my skin relentlessly and soaks into my body.

Much worse than cold! I cannot breathe. I am going to be unconscious.

Water on my wings and my skin seems to be wiped off by a towel. The wind from an electric fan is unpleasant and cold.
Oto-san lets me still in a drowsy condition put into the birdcage and take it in the sunshine.
The hot sun is so helpful that it is going to be brighter little by little around me.

Oka-san is scolding Oto-san.
"Don't do that again!"
Oto-san apologizes to me.
"I am sorry, Pea-chan. Please forgive me."
"Don't do that again, truly!" says Oka-san.
"I am very sorry, Pea-chan", says Oto-san.
I talk to myself.
"Iranu osekkai wa mou yamete." (Mind your own business.)
But I still cannot say in a voice.

Since then, I don't like bathing. I do it only sometimes in a water cup in my birdcage, but I do not feel good because I remember that experience every time.

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