7. Paco-chan (1)

Under the clear sky in a warm air, all birds outside look pleasant.
Most of the pigeons and sparrows coming to the balcony are pairs, a male with a female. They are all compatible and enjoying the peaceful spring.
It seems that only myself is alone as far as the eye can see.
I may finish my life in this situation.

Yoshiko-san probably understood the loneliness of my heart.
She brought an yellow parakeet in a small cage with her, and she said, "Please make friends with her, Pea-chan."

Yoshiko-san graduated from a university and is working for a large company. She is making use of her English and librarian knowledge.
More than that, she got married for love with her one year senior at the university and lives in a home away from here.

My prospective friend is staying still and has an anxious look.
I talk to her in a low voice.
"Pea-chan iiko dayo." (I am Pea-chan, a good boy.)
For a moment, her eyes got wide open. She flapped her yellow wings a little. She twittered gently after that.
"Pi pi."

How beautiful she is! Her voice, too. I would like her to come to my birdcage as soon as possible.
It seems to me that she feels the same with me.

Yoshiko-san talks to me.
"Her name is Paco-chan. Your girl friend. You must be very glad, mustn't you?"
Oka-san looks happier than myself and says,
"You have been lonely, Pea-chan. Make good friends with her. Paco-chan is your girl friend. I hope you'll have a baby soon."
Oto-san is also smiling with joy.

She is a female as I expected. She is Paco-chan. Good name.
"Pipi, pi pi", Paco-chan says in a low voice.
Really a nice voice. We will be able to talk to each other soon. I am not alone now.

Oto-san urges Oka-san.
"Let her get in, will you? Pea-chan is waiting and Paco-chan wants to be there."
"Yes, I see, I see."
Oka-san lets Paco-chan join me in my cage.

Paco-chan reluctantly moves to the perch with me.
She looks uncomfortable, flapping her yellow wings and looking the other way with blank eyes.
She may be shy now.
I talk to her in a low voice.
"Pea-chan dayo." (I am Pea-chan.)
Paco-chan ignores me. She is still, just looking aside.

I talk to her a bit more loudly.
"Pea-chan dayo. Iiko-dayo." (I am Pea-chan. I am a good boy.)
Paco-chan is still ignoring me and looks heartless.
I show her my wings a little open. It's a gesture that I am her friend. Then I take a deep breath that makes me relax. I talk to her again.
"Pea-chan dayo. Iiko-dayo." (I am Pea-chan. I am a good boy.)
She glanced at me this time.

Paco-chan has gentle eyes. She is still nervous, which is reasonable because she was forced to come here and to meet an unknown friend. Isn't it a matter of course that she is uncomfortable?
I'll wait until she calms down. I want her to smile. I cannot help being happy.

Oto-san took our birdcage with him and put it out on the balcony.
Various charps of sparrows and other birds are much busier thanks to such a nice and warm atmosphere.

Paco-chan is still looking aside. But she is getting to be alive with her wings open and flapping a little. Seemingly she has been getting comfortable.
She murmurs a word beyond me.
She looks uneasy but is not afraid. The time has come.

I am not good at walking sideways like a crab because of my injured feet. But as it is the only way, I decide to snuggle up to her.

Paco-chan stood still. I touched her feathers a little. The moment, she flapped her wings buwa- defiantly. I fell down losing support. I lost confidence.

Oto-san is talking to Oka-san looking up something in some book without my noticing.
"Parakeets like Pea-chan and Paco-chan lived in the wild in Australia long ago. They used to eat seeds of weeds and flowers, made their nests in tree caves and lived there."
Oka-san nods looking at me.
"Oto-san is a hard worker, see Pea-chan?"
She adds, "Paco-chan is still silent. Why?"

Oto-san continues his talk.
"They say parakeets are love birds. According to this book, it is a habit common to parakeets to swallow food once and give it to each other mouth-to-mouth. And "mouth-to-mouth" is almost between a male and a female."
Oka-san talks to me pleasantly.
"You see, Pea-chan!"
Oto-san follows.
"Pea-chan, you better do mouth-to-mouth to Paco-chan."
"Truly!", says Oka-san in high spirits.

Yes, I got it! I am certain Paco-chan will be glad.
I got down to the food box and swallowed a lot of tsubu-tsubu (millen grains).
Now, I am ready. I go up on the perch. I have almost lost my footing because I am a little excited.

Looking the same way, I manage well to edge toward her on my feet.
Paco-chan doesn't look unwilling nor shows any sign of belligerent manner. She is silent and just waiting.

Our wings touched each other. Paco-chan moved a muscle a little bit a moment, but that is all. I don't have to be in haste. The time is ripe.

My beak gets near to hers, while my mouth is bulging with tsubu-tsubu. Paco-chan receives all of it.

We continued mouth-to-mouth for a long while.
I was absorbed in it, while Paco-chan was calm. Finally all the tsubu-tsubu in my stomach went to her stomach. Though I have no tsubu-tsubu in my mouth, Paco-chan doesn't let go of my beak. She seems to be comfortable and pleasant.
I am now her boy friend at last!

It is a wonderful morning too, the day after a nice happening.
A spring breeze is blowing softly and birds are flying around noisily outside. Many of them are pleasant pairs. On the seaside, the sun is smiling on the rooftop.

Paco-chan and I are in a honeymoon.
As soon as I got up, I gave her tsubu-tsubu food mouth-to-mouth. Paco-chan seemed hungry and wanted it much more for a while. So, I got down to the food box several times and then each time enjoyed mouth-to-mouth.
When hunger went away, Paco-chan began enjoying my beak slowly. I did not know such happiness ever. I went into ecstasies from the morning.

Now it's Paco-chan's turn. In order to preen me, she changes the position of her body a little closer to me. Her beak is really an angel's comb. It leads me up to the heaven with just only touching.

She is careful, gentle and devoted.
I close my eyes. I fly up to the sky. Up and up. I swim in the sky forever. I am happier. I wish it to continue as forever.

Paco-chan must have accepted me since my mouth-to-mouth yesterday.
She sings. "Pipi pipipi pi pi."
Beautiful voice. Though she sings different words than me, I understand everything of her singing.
Please forgive me not to translate it. It's embarrassing, isn't it?
I talk to her gently, too.
" Pea-chan daisuki. Paco-chan daisuki! daisuki-dayo." (I am Pea-chan. I love Paco-chan. I love you very much!)

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