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This is the story of nearly half a century ago in the United States of America. (as of February, 2015)

Pennsylvania State University at the city of State College is located just between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania State, next to the East Coast of the United States, along which New York and Boston are famous.
Early summer in 1969, three Japanese fellows staying at this university (Penn State) got together and discussed how to spend their summer holidays.
They were:
Toshi, assistant professor from Tohoku University, aged 35.
Yuichi, research assistant from Chiba University, aged 26.
Both of them are PhD of nuclear engineering.
And myself, Shig, aged 29.
While Shig was a student at Penn State just for one year sent from Daido Steel, Nagoya, and began study two months ago, two others had stayed there as staff members for a couple of years.
Three of them had the same desire to make effective use of the long summer vacation.

"Why don't we drive somewhere far away?"
Toshi's suggestion was surely accepted by Yuichi and Shig, but where?
Yuichi said,
"Shall we make a round trip to the West Coast by my Mustang?"
Shig gladly agreed and said.
"Does it mean we will reach Los Angeles or somewhere all the way? I'd like to see the Pacific Ocean and visit National Parks as many as possible on the way to and from."
Their dream was widened endlessly.
Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, St. Louis, Phoenix, Los Alamos, Indian Reservations, Las Vegas, ......, ......
In the result, they decided to make a round trip to the West Coast by Yuichi's Mustang with no air conditioning and put up a tent at various camping grounds as many nights as possible.
How long? Around one month within the summer holidays.

They set the starting day on Sunday, August 31st, and scheduled to get back by the end of September.
Then they began equipping themselves and preparing the belongings for a long trip including a tent for three people and bedding sets.

The following are most of what Shig bought before the trip.

Goods Cost Goods Cost
Guidebook, Road Atlas $6.26 Kerosene Heater $21.49
Polo Shirt 2.75 Car Rack 7.88
Jacket, T-shirt 8.83 Cooking Set 8.97
Sleeping Bag 9.97 Water Bottle 1.99
Pillow .97 Rope 1.44
Sleeping Chair 7.50 Tent for Three 49.41
Cap 2.02 Soy Sauce 2.59
Jeans 4.00 Hammer .77
Phote Films (40) 65.00 Wrench 2.27
Flashlight 1.77 Theft Insurance 9.40
Entrance Ticket to FRA 7.00 Groceries 8.61
Food 18.84    
8/31 State College 9/02 Caplin Mtn 9/04 Los Alamos
9/06 Grand Canyon 9/08 Joshua Tree 9/10 Los Angeles
9/12 Zion 9/14 Bryce Canyon 9/16 Rocky Mtn
9/18 Yellowstone 9/20 Mt. Rushmore 9/22 Badlands
9/25 State College

The three guys left State College by "shabby" Mustang on August 31st, 1969.
They went touring various Southern States and reached Santa Monica, California, on September 8th.
They came back to State College on September 25th via Northern States.
It was a 26-day driving trip across the United States.

Shig, Toshi, Yuichi (from left)
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Sep. 8 - 9 Arizona → California
Sep. 10 - 11 California → Nevada
Sep. 12 - 13 Nevada → Arizona
Sep. 14 - 15 Arizona → Yuta → Four Corners (Arizona, New Mexico, Yuta and Colorado) → Colorado
Sep. 16 - 17 Colorado → Wyoming
Sep. 18 - 19 Wyoming
Sep. 20 - 21 Wyoming → South Dakota
Sep. 22 - 23 South Dakota → Nebraska → Iowa
Sep. 24 - 25 Iowa → Ohio → Pennsylvania (State College)
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