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Mon., September 8th Mileage Total Mileage
291miles 3,246miles
remarks impression
09:25 Start from Coconimo National Forest Fine weather Troubled by terrible heat and too many flies. Therefore they left the camping ground with irritation.
  Montezuma Sightseeing :
Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle


Shig, as he has no interest in archaeology, did not understand the importance of this spot. Just bored.
11:56 Start from Montezuma    
       A lot of cactuses appeared on the way.
Lunch at a rest area. Terribly hot!
14:20 Phoenix, Arizona Sightseeing around State Capitol


Temperature: 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.6 degrees Celsius).

There is truly nobody here outside.
Bought some souvenirs and immediately ran away.
Besides, the State Capitol was beautiful with the Southern emotion.

 Before the trip, Shig had strongly insisted to visit Phoenix, because he liked the song "By the time I get to Phoenix" sung by Glen Campbell. Toshi and Yuichi had no objection.
But three of them did not know such a boiling heat of the city in this season.
17:00 Reoria   Too hot, terribly hot, it makes them crazy!

Drove for about one hour by "no-air-conditioning" Mustang, shutting the windows and drinking lukewarm water.

17:42 Wichenburg Took a rest at a rest area.  
19:15 ?? Took a rest at a rest area again. They quenched their thirst with an apple and an orange.
20:23 Blythe Mayflower Park Camping.
Dinner: pears and beer only.
A lot of mosquitoes which bit their whole bodies.
They applied an ointment each other, unable to restrain themselves.
Tue., September 9th Mileage Total Mileage
360 3,606
08:15 Left Blythe Mayflower Park

Fine weather.
Time Difference: put the clock back 1 hour.

Their bodies are rough because of the biting of mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes are still coming together to stick them in the morning.
Found a scorpion under the tent.

Colorado river at the back of the camping ground.
Too hot!

08:25   Bought ice.
Repaired the flasher.
Supply of oil.
10:19 Joshua Tree Joshua Tree
Nat'l Monument
What a vast extent of the monument field. Because of it, no focus can be done.

They ran wild all around the cactus field.
Yuichi got considerably injured by a cactus.

Really crazy-hot!

  [(rt62) - (us60) - (Cal91)]    
16:05 Royal Palm
The Pacific Ocean appeared finally.

Royal Palm Beach

Very wild waves in the foggy weather.
Impossible to swim comfortably.
Their romantic expectation was overturned.
17:30 Los Angeles  Visited Mr. Nakaji at LA Trading Co. at Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.
Mr. Nakaji treated them with dinner at Masago.
Unadon (a bowl of hot cooked rice topped with broiled eel)
Tempura-udon (noodles topped with tempra)
Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)
Mr. Nakaji was a friend of Shig's father who died one month before Shig left Japan to study at Penn State this time.

Just as Shig's father worked in the Arahura Sea north of Australia, Mr. Nakaji moved to Los Angeles in his youth.

When Shig dropped in at Los Angeles on the way to Penn State 2 months ago, he was welcomed for the dinner by 20 people from Wakayama Prefecture topped by Mr. Nakaji.

20:21 Leo Carrilo Beach, Santa Monica Camping  
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