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The long letter of Goroji Suga continues.
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Days passed while Sano and the people were waiting eagerly for a good information.
The reply came on the 9th day. It was the phone call from Dr. Itoh himself to ask them to come over to his room, just in a conventional tone.

On Sunday in the afternoon, it is clear today too.
Sano, Hori and Takagaki of Tokyo Commercial College (TCC) with Matsushiro Fujii of Kanematsu Company passed through the main gate of Tokyo Imperial University (TIU) at Hongo.
Yasuda Auditorium of Gothic style shows a clear clock tower in the blue sky beyond the ginkgo trees. It is soon going to have a completion ceremony.
When entering the room of Dr. Itoh on the second floor of Engineering Hall, they were welcomed by himself smiling in narrow eyes through the glasses. Besides, in the room, there are Kakuhei Matsui, his pupil, and two staffs. Dr. Tatsukichi Minobe is not present here today.

Sano greets politely.
"Thank you so much. I really appreciate the kind arrangement of Dr. Itoh. And also thank all of you for attending this meeting in spite of a holiday."
The table large enough for the attendants is put in the wide room. The four visitors notice the picture of a beauty on the wall apparently not to match the room, and look at each other.
No wonder. The picture is the work drawn by himself when he was aiming at the art college while learning the German language at Tokyo School of Foreign Studies (TSFS). However, he had to give up his purpose due to the stern objection of his father, a strict military doctor, and reluctantly went on to the engineering college of Tokyo Imperial University (TIU) at last.

In the picture a sexy beauty with a slender face is gently watching a piece of flower in hand.
She is in a Japanese Kimono style with a Chinese pattern on the chest and the hem. The hair ornament and the shoes are also a Chinese pattern. A Chinese phoenix appears on the waist part and a dragon on the hem.

This room also has a good view of Yasuda Auditorium almost completed.
"I have nothing special today and no one will interrupt us."
Saying so, Dr. Itoh directs toward the tough and sharp-looking young man.
"Mr. Matsui helped me as much as possible."
Dr. Itoh is looking back on the days of considerations and discussions with his pupil.
The young man responds in a modest attitude.
"Once decided, my teacher does not know how to stop. But the hardle this time is too high even to him. On the contrary, for the buildings up to now, he has only had a conflict against the owners."
Matsui hints that Dr. Itoh's opponent is himself this time. He continues to talk remembering the struggle with his master for days.
"There has been no such architectural style both in the East and the West until now that can accept frankly to show the Four-God Statues condensed with the history of your school on the auditorium, the symbol of the new campus."
The visitors are all waiting for the answer, totally motionless. In comparison, Dr. Itoh and his pupil seem to be enjoying the afterglow of their struggle in a fresh look.
Just when director Fujii was about to say something, Dr. Itoh easily talked to Sano about his conclusion.
"I am going to accept your request."
For a moment all the visitors lost their words and in fixed eyes watched Dr. Itoh with a seemingly puzzled face.
Like waking up from a dream, all of them made a deep bow.

But the doctor reminds them that it depends on their agreement of the details.
"I would like to adopt the Romanesque style for the architecture all right, but this style itself is primitive as it is for the structure. And also, as I told you before, it is unrefined and dark. So, it looks quite inferior to the Gothic style. However, I have to rely on this architectural style in an attempt to make the most of the Four-God Statues of your school. It is the assumption of all of us to show it as the school symbol."
After a break, the doctor adds the following.
"The amount of the donation will be good enough to the cost, as long as nothing unexpected does happen."
Fujii seems relieved, since he knows that there have been many buildings Dr. Itoh was involved in and not realized because of a lack of budget for his grand idea. And even if realized, Fujii knows he may not be satisfied with most of all due to be unmatched with his idea.

"Let's decorate the Four-God Statues up on the facade, because it's condensed with the proud history of your school. How about it, Mr. Sano?"
Dr. Itoh seems to be enjoying the suggestion thought out with his pupil.
Sano puts his fingers on the handlebar mustache of his pride getting relaxed a little bit. The doctor also smiles.
"What about the front of our plan?"
He shows the rough sketch (esquisse). The visitors lean forward and watch it.
Dr. Itoh begins to explain casually using the baton presented from a Hungarian conductor.
"The three gateways at the entrance are to be in a dome shape and lined side by side. The six glass windows of the 2nd floor are to be put right above, two of which respectively are to be connected by a waving Lombard band. Circled by each band the relieves of the three God monsters are placed side by side, and Gembu, the school badge called Mercury, is decorated right on the above."
Then he continues in a chuckle.
"But, you see, the three monsters are caricatures of a Chinese pattern. They can never be familiar with the European Romanesque style. They don't have any suitable balance with this style. Even so we understand we had never remade them as we like, because each of the monsters includes the spirit of your school more and more experienced. ... We were honestly at a loss."
The pupil Matsui is nodding again and again seriously.

"We had so hard a discussion to have a good idea at any cost. Looking for any suitable way to highlight the Four-God Statues of your school originality as well as to be balanced as a whole image, ... That is nothing but contradictory. ... We still have not reached the conclusion, but we have come to feel to test our limits. So we called you."
Dr. Itoh talks quietly, but seems to keep some confidence to himself behind the smile. Matsui is looking at his dependable master, who says viewing Yasuda Auditorium over there.
"Mr. Matsui is going to explain the rough outline. We are aiming at the building of our satisfaction."
"Well, ..."
Matsui makes sure the document handed out and starts to explain. He does not look uneasy contrary to the other day.
He speaks slowly a little and clean-cut to match his words to visitors' understanding well.

Building Site: about 500 tsubo = about 1,650 square meters (Yasuda Auditorium : 550 tsubo = 1,800 square meters)
Total Floor: about 1,000 tsubo = 3,300 square meters (Yasuda Auditorium : 2,100 tsubo = 6,900 square meters)
Architectural Style: reinforced concrete, drum-stretch, Romanesque style.
with two stories above ground level and one-story basement.
to pay careful attention to an earthquake and fire resistance.
Use to be a multi-purpose hall. the stage to be wide enough for music and drama events.
Seats 1000-1500 seats.
Ceiling the ceiling to be as low as not to spoil beauty, considering good sound.
Room for Honored Guests also to adopt Saracenic architecture in order to create multi culture in a solemn mood.
Decoration to place the Four-God Statues on the facade.
to stud monsters of European Romanesque pattern on the whole outside walls so as for the Four-God Statues to stand out without any oddness.
to adopt the monsters created by Dr. Chuta Itoh inside.
Idea of Created Monsters to be based on the idea and world view of Dr. Itoh.
the design basis of monsters to be Chuta original with the intention to match the image of Four-God Statues naturally with the hall inside.
based on Dr. Itoh's pilgrimage abroad, particularly such cultures to be widely adopted as India, China, Islam, Europe and our country.

After Matsui's explanation, Dr. Itoh adds his comment.
"The image of the monsters that I am going to decorate the whole inside of the auditorium takes root in the passage of your school song in my mind."
He shows it opening the book.

With great ambition in mind,
Now, let' take off to the world.

"I felt full of spirit in Mr. Sano's appearance the other day during your explanation. Your intention is to receive seriously the importance of the school history and to succeed it by your own actions. Also I do not forget the strong will of Kanematsu Company."
Dr. Itoh does not move only by a budget or words. That was why he was intently watching Sano at that time to see whether Sano could be a suitable partner enough to devote himself with.
After the comment Dr. Itoh again asks the college side for recognition unusually in a serious look.
Matsui also looks decisive in a gentle manner.
"Whether could you accept our proposal or not?"
Director Fujii speaks first.
"We Kanematsu people do not have any objection. I am encouraged by the idea that you, Dr. Itoh and Mr. Matsui, explained in such a detailed way. Please help us as you please."
Sano follows clenching his fist, straight in impression, in a stiff and still attitude.
"I am filled with gratitude. I really understand you hold our will positively in your mind. Also I appreciate the heart of Kanematsu Company so much. Thanks a lot."
Professor Hori and Takagaki made a deep bow.

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