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Both rain and wind have been severe around Tokyo area due to Typhoon 21 since last night.
Ryohei Tsubune has been longing for the dawn to call up Goroji Suga.
"This bad weather seems to go on until the evening. So, I think we better to put off the visit, right, sir?"
Suga says laughing on the phone,
"In the event the train doesn't run ..."
The visit to Shibusawa Memorial Museum was decided to carry out.

Suga and Eriko Fukami were from Ofuna, Tsubune from Urayasu. They met together at a tearoom on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo station. Each of them was in a raincoat and with an umbrella.
After light lunch of toast, they got on a train on the Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Shibusawa Memorial Museum was located at Asukayama of Kita ward about ten minutes on foot from JR Ohji station. But they found it was downpouring outside, and the rotary was like a pool. Therefore they took a taxi.

The bust of Eiichi Shibusawa welcomed them at the entrance of the modern Western building.
When Suga talked to a staff about his visiting purpose at the front desk, a male staff appeared, handing out his name card and saying,
"I have been waiting for you. I am Sekimoto, a curator."

A certain historical document is ready on the table. It is the complete list book of contents on the life of Eiichi Shibusawa in 68 volumes. This book of contents is thick itself.
Suga sits down the chair before the book. With a notebook on the side he watches the document line by line and turns the pages slowly.
Eriko and Tsubune have nothing to do so far and have time to kill for a while. Sitting on each side of Suga, they are waiting for the senior's instruction, watching his work and looking over the guidebook of the museum.

After a while, Suga lifts his face and tells Tsubune pointing out the part of the volume 26 with his forefinger, "I'd like to see this." He seems for sure.
Tsubune passes on Suga's message to the curator, who disappears to the library on the basement and soon appears with the said volume.
It is thicker than the list book of contents, which is well bound but remains old in the contents.
The front cover shows "The Chronological List by Businesses: The Second Section --- Social and Public Businesses", in which Suga believes there are articles related to the schools and business education Eiichi Shibusawa was involved in.

"This is what I want."
Elderly Suga says pleasantly comparing the volume with the list book.
Then just as noticed,
"I want one more. This may have related articles, too."
Looking back after telling the volume number to the curator, Tsubune confirms his senior is already bending the stoop more with a magnifying glass.
Suga opens the big volume and turns over pages closely one by one. His eyes get flashed at times and the rubber fingertip stops at certain parts. He writes in the notebook and inserts a bookmark here and there in the volume. He is quietly absorbed in the work.
"A child again!", says Tsubune in mind, considering the senior used to be studying in this appearance 70-80 years ago.
Eriko is checking to find the part of Suga's desire in the document on the other side.
Tsubune also goes back to the given work, and immediately begins to turn over the document in mind taking notes...

Nearly three hours had passed when Suga finished his planned work.
Tsubune asked the staff to copy the pages with a bookmark inserted.
"It is surprising to me! I assumed to know the relationship between Eiichi Shibusawa and our school well, but I am happy to have unexpected findings today."
Suga talks with no tired looking. Tsubune and Eriko appreciate the elderly. Suga really feels a good effect of the work.

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