1. Preface 3. Second Day
2. New Year's Day 4. Ala Carte
Part1 Preface

From New Year's Eve to New Year's Day

To my happiness, it is one of the traditional practices of the Japanese people that we eat soba noodles on New Year's Eve.
As for my couple at home, I am going to make this special dinner this yearend.

After 5:00 pm, I started the work with the dry noodles of my preference nowadays, called hegi-soba produced in Echigo District.
The special noodles turned out better than I planned. I arranged them on the two plates and both of us tasted them as cold zaru-soba.
I was in a good mood of the year with my wife Emiko's satisfactory smile.

During the time every TV channel is a comedy show, which, sorry to say, we recently cannot go along with.
We decide to watch one of the recorded programs. "Why do I live in Japan?" The American woman living in Niigata Prefecture, this time. This 1-hour-series program is my favorite for a drink with dinner at home.
News report on NHK-TV 7:00-7:30 pm, then Red & White Year-end Song Festival. I have not watched this show for years.
So, halfway through the news, I went to bed, saying to Emiko "Have a Happy New Year!"

The New Year's Day in 2019, the last New Year's Day of Heisei period in Japan. I got up at 5:00.
Sipping coffee, I skim over the morning paper of big volume, watch PC, ..., and I notice it's 6:30 now.
Switch on the TV, when the channel 5 is broadcasting the coming first sunrise of the year on Mt. Fuji. As I have expected, it is surely soon and the studio is noisy.

While pictures shown from a helicopter, the magnificent view has appeared and the announcer cries, "Take a picture of the screen right away, guys!"
I did it in a hurry. The following is the one.

Incidentally, my breakfast of the first-day is just as usual as follows.

To Ikaho Spa

Our daughter's couple with their mother are planning to take us to Ikaho Spa in Gunma Prefecture and enjoy the family night there for the New Year's Day. This is their 5th or 6th time every New Year's Day. We stayed at a hot-spring hotel near Mt. Tsukuba Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture last year.

I would truly have liked only to enjoy hot spring and drink with S-kun, husband, for this trip. But backed up by the favorable impression with the hotel, I have decided to make a travelogue titled as "Happy New Year at Ikaho, 2019!"