Ten ways
Trump has changed America

Anthony Zurcher
North America reporter
@awzurcher on Twitter

January 12, 2018

It's a quarter of the way through Donald Trump's presidential term - long enough to judge his performance so far. There have been promises kept, promises broken and promises ignored. But how much have his policies changed things? A business tycoon with no political experience, he said he came to Washington to make waves. Has he succeeded?  


The Trump administration tackled the immigration issue pretty much right out of the gate, with its ill-fated executive order closing the US border to entrants from a handful of majority-Muslim nations.

Implementation of that effort led to chaos at US airports and a quick suspension at the hands of US courts. Since then, the White House has rolled out two new border orders, adding a few countries to the banned list and removing one (Sudan).

The latest measures have, at least so far, largely withstood legal challenge. Immigration enforcement has also been ramped up - 143,470 arrests for violations for the year ending in October - a 30% increase. 

Mr Trump also announced an end to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) programme, which granted normalised residency status to roughly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US when they were young.

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(The order has been temporarily suspended by the court, and is the subject of ongoing negotiations in Congress. About 200,000 Salvadoreans face an uncertain future because the White House has brought their temporary protected status (TPS) to an end.)

Mr Trump is pushing for sweeping changes to the US immigration system, including reductions in the total number of entrants, the termination of the visa lottery system and greatly reducing the ability of current US residents to bring relatives into the country. Those measures will be strongly opposed by Democrats, however.As for the Mexican border wall, perhaps the most memorable of Mr Trump's campaign promises, funding is still in doubt and - and the money to pay for it will almost certainly come from US taxpayers, not Mexico.

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Making waves? The president has sweeping authority on immigration and border issues - and he's used it, even if some lower courts have tried to clip his wings. Still, there's nothing Mr Trump would like more than to stand in front of a shiny, new border wall.


In his inaugural address, Mr Trump outlined an ambitious new programme of US infrastructure investment. "We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels, and railways, all across our wonderful nation," he said.

"We will get our people off of welfare and back to work, rebuilding our country with American hands and American labour."

Since then, Mr Trump's big infrastructure plan has always been just around the next bend of the road. Instead, Congress and the administration first focused on healthcare reform, an effort that ended in a string of disappointments. Then they turned their gaze on tax reform, which had a much happier ending.

Aside from a few press events, such as a June announcement of an air traffic control initiative that has since gone nowhere, infrastructure talk has been little more than empty words.

Making waves? Where would Mr Trump be today if he had led with a bipartisan infrastructure programme that was met with overwhelming public approval, instead of travel bans and an extended, acrimonious fight over healthcare?

Tax reform

At the end of 2017, Mr Trump boasted that he had signed more legislation than any previous president. While that claim was clearly not true - the 94 bills that reached his desk rank well behind John F Kennedy's 684 and trail all modern presidents - he did close out the year with one major legislative accomplishment.


Making waves? Mr Trump can lay claim to the most substantive change to US tax law in 16 years, enacting the kind of massive corporate tax cut that Republicans have been after for decades.

A change of tone

There's never been an American president quite like Donald Trump. No one has ever held the office with no prior elective or military leadership experience. No one, in modern times at least, has been as blunt or as disruptive a force on the national and international stage.

For many of the president's supporters, this is exactly what they wanted. They supported the candidate who told them the system was broken, the other politicians on the stage with him were phony and the process was a joke. They asked for different, and different is what they got.

Mr Trump has said he is defining "modern day presidential" with his free-form use of social media, his continued practice of giving unscripted campaign-style rally speeches and his willingness to disregard many of the time-honoured traditions of politics.

In some ways his has been a conventional presidency. His court appointments are largely in keeping with conservative desires, his tax package was a longtime Republican wish-list and his efforts at deregulation are out of the party's anti-big-government playbook.

But the way Mr Trump has operated, and the way he has talked about how he is going about running the nation, has been one-of-a-kind. 

Making waves? It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump is permanently changing the way politics is conducted in the US. A quarter of the way through his term in office, however, it should be quite clear that US politics isn't changing Donald Trump.

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【BBC記事 日本語訳】



 本日がドナルド・トランプ氏の大統領任期、4分の1にあたる。さしずめ彼のこれまでの業績評価にはいい時期だ。果たした約束、反古にした約束、無視した約束。が、彼の諸施策は各方面にどれほどの変化をもたらしたか?  実業界の大物にして政治経験なしの彼はこう言った。「私は波風を立てるためにワシントンにやって来たのだ」、と。 彼は成功を収めているか?


① トランプ政権は移民問題に取り組み、仮借なくやりこめた。そのやり方は少数イスラム国家からの新規入国者に門戸を閉ざして不幸に追いやるような執行命令を伴っていた。

② この政策の実施により、米国の飛行場は混乱に陥り、米国裁判所は急きょ現案件の裁定中止に追いやられた。それ以降、政府は二つの新規国境命令を編み出し、数ヶ国を移民禁止リストに追加し、1ヶ国(スーダン)を除外した。

③ 最近の対策は、少なくとも今のところ、概ね法的挑戦に持ちこたえている。移民法の強制執行も徐々に増えてきた。この10月までの年間違法移民の逮捕は143,470人で、前年の30%増だ。

④ トランプ氏はオバマ時代のDaca(幼少期に米国に到着した移民への延期措置)の終焉を宣言した。Dacaは、幼くして米国に入国した約70万人の証明書不所持の移民に対し、正規居住民として認める措置だ。

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 トランプ氏は米国移民制度の広範囲な変革を推し進めている。それは移民総数の減少と、米国抽選永住権(visa lottery)制度の廃止と、現米国住民が持つ親類縁者の入国援助能力を大幅に減退させることを含んでいる。しかしながら、こうした措置は民主党の強い反対にあうだろう。

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⑤ 波風を立てているか?


⑥ 大統領就任演説で、トランプ氏は国内インフラ投資に関する大胆な新計画の概要を述べた。「われらが素晴らしい国土に新しい道路、高速道、橋、トンネル、鉄道を建設する」、と言って。

⑦ 「国民を福祉依存から職場に戻すべく、わが国を国民の手で、国民の働きで再構築する」、とも。

⑧ それ以来、トランプ氏の大規模インフラ計画は常に道路のすぐ曲がり角のところにとどまっている。その一方で、議会や行政はまず健康管理改革に焦点をあてた。が、その努力は一貫して失望の連鎖に終わった。それから彼らは税制改革に照準を切り替え、こちらはもっとめでたしめでたしとなった。

⑨ 以来、行き詰っている航空管制イニシャチブの6月声明といった、何度かのメディアとの衝突は別として、インフラの話はいまや空約束と言ってもよい。

 波風を立てているか? 旅行規制や健康管理に対する大仰で辛辣な論戦ではなく、もし彼が圧倒的な国民の支持を得た2党によるインフラ計画を推し進めていたならば、トランプ氏はいまどこにいるのだろうか?


⑩ 2017年末にトランプ氏は、以前のどの大統領よりも多くの立法化を果たしてきた、と自慢した。が、この発言は明らかに間違いだった。なぜなら、彼の机上に届いた法案が94だけで、ジョン・F・ケネディの684案件の立法化に比べればはるかに下回り、また全ての近代大統領に遅れを取っているから。が一方で、彼は一つの重要法案を成立させて、この年を締めくくった。 


 波風を立てているか? トランプ氏は、最も実質的な変革として、16年来の国税法の改正を主張することができる。共和党が数10年に亘って目指していた大幅な法人税減税法の制定である。 


⑪ ドナルド・トランプ氏に見まがうような米国大統領はこれまでにない。以前に代議士でもなく軍幹部の経験もないまま、この任に着いた大統領はない。少なくとも近現代で、国内外の場を問わず、彼ほどぶっきらぼうで破壊的存在たる大統領はいなかった。

⑫ 大統領支持者たちにとっては、これがまさに彼らが望んだことだ。現制度を破壊すると公言し、同じ演壇に立つ他の政治家をインチキ呼ばわりし、大統領選を一種のシャレだとした候補者を、彼らは支持したのだ。彼らは違いを求め、これを得たのだ。

⑬ トランプ氏は、〝現代の大統領らしさ〟をこう定義づけている。ソーシャルメディアの自由闊達な使用、台本なしで遊説形式の演説、そして多くの政治上の古いしきたりを可能な限り無視すること、だ。

⑭ ある意味では、これまでの彼の手法は、型通りの大統領の行為だった。裁判官の任命は概ね保守派の要望と一致しているし、税制改革は共和党長年の願いだったし、規制緩和努力は同党が主張する反大型政府の筋書きにのっとっている。

⑮ しかしトランプ氏が執り行ってきたやり方と、彼が米国をどのような国にしようとしているかを語ってきたやり方は、彼独特のものだ。 

 波風を立てているか? ドナルド・トランプ氏が米国の現状の政治手法を永遠に変革しているのかどうかは、まだわからない。しかしながら、彼の在任期間4分の1にして、米国の政治がドナルド・トランプ氏を変化させていないことだけは極めて鮮明ではないだろうか。

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ABC news shower 113日(土)

President Trump in the Oval Office talking about immigration, suddenly asking, “Why are we having all these people from (blank) countries?” using an (1 expletive) we cannot repeat.

Sources (2 briefed) on the meeting tell ABC News when President Trump learned the plan would restore protections for immigrants from Haiti and several African countries, his response, “Why are we having all these people from (blank) countries’ come here?”

Instead, Trump suggested the US should bring in more people from countries like Norway. The outrage (3 swift).

In a tweet, Congressman Elijah Cummings calls the President’s statements “(4 unforgettable).”

The White House does not deny President Trump made those (5 profane) comments?

What the White House is not saying tonight, David, no denial that the President made these comments.